Beanum - What Gives?

In the age of Twitter and more, surely someone has an idea of Beanum’s circumstance. It’s not often a starting DE is MIA and no one knows nada?

Worse, everyone seems to be approaching this as though it’s a non-issue for the team.

People are treating this as the personal problem it is, if he wishes to make it public, he will.

Bielema said if Tevin wants to share he can. So far he has not shared.

Sometimes it’s OK for some things to be private. CBB said he had done nothing wrong and it’s an odd situation, so why can’t we just respect his privacy at this point?

Agree. It’s not the public’s right to know about every personal situation.

I agree 100% with the proposition that he’s entitled to his privacy, but fans being fans (myself included) I can understand why they (we) would like to know if he’s still part of the plans for this team. I gather it isn’t an injury, but beyond that I guess it could be anything. Regardless, I hope things work out for him & for the team.