Be honest

Who saw anything like this coming before the season started?

Don’t say, “I knew we’d be good.” Everybody knows that. DVH’s teams are always good.

I didn’t think we’d win the sec at the beginning of the season and even the middle because of pitching was questionable. And after the injury bug the last couple weeks concerned me. I’m happy I was wrong!

I had no idea,I was concerned about Pitching because they were getting hammered in scrimmages but looking at our offense now,I see why…We are just now getting our Pitching throwing the ball the way we ned them too.


I think Opitz returning this year was a big factor. Helped our pitchers a lot to find their way when there were struggles.
They could trust him defensively if their pitches hit the dirt. Knew he was going to call the game in their best interest. Plus all the things we don’t see.
Then there is the leadership he brought to the team as a whole on top of all of that.

Players emerged at the plate and in the field. Which isn’t something new for DVH teams.

But still I,
Would not have predicted we win the SEC reg season and Tourn Champs.
Or been unanimous # 1 team all season long!!!



I was thinking Top 10 after beating 3/ little 12 teams. I hoped we would contend for the West but without Wicklander and Noland I was thinking it was a slim and none chance. Even if we make it to Omaha and come up short it will have been a great season. I really like our chances but I just want to enjoy the ride.

No. I did not think they had the pitching. Still don’t, but they keep winning which says a lot about the kids and their coach. Don’t see how either they can win in OMA, but would not bet against them. They just somehow do it.

One thing we (I) must remember. They are not playing The Little Sisters of the Poor. This schedule has been brutal. Who are they going to come up against that is better than what they have seen? Of course, who they have seen are the teams they are probably going to have to beat again.

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I had no idea they’d be this good. I thought we might be after that sweep in Arlington and 12 straight wins. Then came that 3-loss run including that’s embarrassing loss to Alabama to open the SEC. every weekend since has just made it all more convincing. But let’s face it, we will be sick if we don’t win it all in Omaha

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From reading Clay’s stories and comments, he has been strongly hinting the Hogs were a national contender since 2019 pre-season. Now, I am unaware of anyone “calling the shot” and publicly predicted a SEC regular season and Tournament championships, but I think many of us have been expecting the Hogs to win it all after their fast start and sustained superior performance.

UA…Campus of Champions

Jim, you don’t go 46-10 against the toughest schedule in the country with smoke and mirrors. This team has plenty of everything, with guts and heart topping the list.


And yet, we have won every single series in the best conference in baseball. The next 2 weeks should actually be easier than the previous 2 weeks. Who can beat us 2 out of 3? We have played damn near everybody that’s any good, and nobody has taken a series from us yet. This is our year! Go Hogs!

I said Arkansas would win every SEC series, win the SEC overall championship and I called the record of 46-10 after the SEC tourney. What else you need to know?


That was a KYSO prediction, RD. Oh wait…

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Where were we ranked in preseason, and where were we picked in SEC?

I think UF was preseason Number 1 in a lot of polls but that’s about all I remember.

I thought we would be a Top 10 team because we are just one of the best programs in the country. I didn’t expect we would be the clear #1. Didn’t know we had the best PLAYER in the SEC.

I had to look it up because I couldn’t remember either.
In the polls I could find…
D1 Baseball #8
Collegiate Baseball #22
Baseball America #11

We were picked 3rd in the SEC West.

You are correct that Florida was #1 in most polls.

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Yep RD, I myself said the same thing after the SEC tourney.

This team has proven that it is the #1 team in the country. Does that mean that we win a National Championship? It simply means that we have the best chance to win it all in Omaha. As long as we don’t fall apart in a game, we should win, every game. Since every level of the tournament is a double elimination, 1 bad day does not end our tournament stay.

I really think that this team can a bit will win it all.

I didn’t know what to expect before the season because I didn’t get to see much of the team in the fall or preseason, but I knew the team was really good when it swept through Arlington. Those three teams were solid.

This. Spot on.

Baseball being what it is, the best team doesn’t always win. As good as we are, we still lost 10 games, including five games at home, several to teams that may not (or won’t) make the NCAA field. But the good thing is double elimination gives you room for error. We can go 10-4 from here out and still get the big trophy at the end. I’d rather go 10-0 and eliminate all doubt, but there is wiggle room,

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