Be honest

Do you think we are going to win tonight.

Luck IMO is what you need to win a NC. There is going to be 2 or may 3 games, ya just got lucky to win.

We need some luck and maybe 2 heroes.

We’ve been somewhat lucky so far. Didn’t have to play Ohio State thanks to ORU. Or Florida for that matter.

Probably. not.

Leaning hard towards no. Will still be happy and proud of what they accomplished this year.


I’m afraid we won’t. Baylor is almost certainly the best team we’ve played this year. We’re good, but not as good as they are. We can win if we play well, but we must play well to have a chance—unless Baylor makes a bunch of mistakes or has a really bad shooting night. Those things are possible. After all, Illinois & Ohio St were better than their opponents, too.

I will never ever agree with anything 2009 says!!!


I just looked at Baylor schedule, and imma say we win!! Call me out I don’t care! Lol WPS!


We win. No doubts.

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I will not be surprised if we win. If we play at our better than average game and they don’t, we win. I think that with the schedule they have played, they will not take us as seriously as we will take them.

Great attitude!
I actually always think there is a chance.

If were nervous and that’s very possible we’re in for a long night.

GO HOGS!!! ONE THING for sure is I am mighty proud of this group. AND the coaching staff.

March Madness.

That is my honest answer.

I get why people would initially think no way, but…

I think people are really downplaying how much talent and smarts are actually on our team.

  1. Pound for pound, good luck finding a freshman who plays both defense and offense with the same intensity as Davis.
  2. And as long as JWill doesn’t get in the doghouse early, that kid is going to grab 6 rebounds before the other team’s feet leave the floor.
  3. Jalen Tate is like having another coach on the floor the way he works the refs and recognizes mismatches.
  4. Justin Smith now knows that no one can really stop him but himself.
  5. And although Moody has not been lottery-pick wonderful, anyone who watches the games sees a kid who still gets his hands on the ball on defense, can rebound, hit his free throws when needed, and on his worst day, scored 13 points.

Lord help Baylor if Desi and Notae have even mediocre games.

And…these kids hit their free throws when it counts.

I’m sorry, but we’re winning this game. I don’t care what the score is at the half. When that final buzzer sounds, we’re going to have more points than Baylor.

It’s going to be ugly, gritty, but oh so glorious to waive goodbye to the Texas teddy bears.


This team has been underrated and disrespected this whole year.


What an answer jmetsrulee. You should be a preacher or motivational speaker. Thanks

I think when you look at the way Baylor has played most of the year, most would expect Baylor to win. But they have been less spectacular of late and Big 12 has under delivered in tournament.

I have a lot more hope now than when I picked my bracket and put Baylor in title game.

Who let my wife on the board?

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You’re married? No freakin’ way!

Crazy, right?

That’s one word that applies.

Hog2009 is the wife. Don’t be fooled.