Be Careful Out There

I read a couple of articles this weekend about Covid, and it appears that my concerns a few weeks ago with higher numbers among younger populations maybe true…that they’ve now given it to the older folks. The surge in hospitalizations over the last couple weeks have been among older patients and those with higher health history risk(diabetes, heart disease, etc). The younger folks were being hospitalized more about a month ago and now it’s back to our more at risk population. Ugh!
I am so encouraged about the news from vaccine trials. I am ready for this to get under control. Most of us slow down a bit during the summer and recharge our batteries so to speak with much needed R&R, but not this year! My June and July have been similar to a January and February work wise. Most of us will admit that we are plain tired, worn out, both from the volumes we are seeing and the background stress of it.

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I just had my first degree of separation from a case. A good friend of mine, who is in his 50’s had it and recovered fairly quickly. His son , who is in his 20’s, took several weeks of feeling really bad to get over it. They both said it was worse than any case of the flu they had ever had.

Thanks hogdr for being on the front lines of this pandemic. Much respect and appreciation to you and all the others fighting this plague. Stay safe and prayers!

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Amen, Hogdr! Thanks for all you do on that front line.

Hogdr, are you seeing the virus much in school-age children?

I’m concerned about the possible spread in schools once they open. Not just for the children, but also for the dozens of adults in each building.

Hogdr, thanks for the input & info you provide here. But more importantly many many thanks to you and your colleagues who battle this virus first hand.

Friend just had open heart surgery for heart valve damage resulting from Covid attacking his lungs & double pneumonia. He is 50 yrs. old & with no prior health issues. He did not take the virus seriously prior to almost losing his life. Fortunately, he has recovered & now takes all precautions. They live in Houston & his wife is a teacher so may be impossible to protect themselves from a relapse.

This is exactly why I won’t be going to any camps or combines anytime soon. Hate it but just can’t take a chance.

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Aloha Hogdr,

In your opinion, do you think the hot summer chasing people indoors with A/C is one of the reasons for the C19 summer explosion? From what I’ve read to date, C19 tends to spread more generously indoors than outdoors.


Couple of replies to previous posts…
I have not seen a lot of young kids with it, but I’ve not kept up with my pediatrician friends the last few months either.
I have read that AC indoors is likely a factor in it growing this summer, but I also think there are many other more important factors…like large gatherings(protests, weddings, baby showers, church along with going out in public without masks!). People in Louisiana Around me relaxed Too much several weeks ago, and now it’s resurged.

someone stop the Covid party madness, more than a couple havelost their life to being a true dumbass. hogdr check out my last incluseion on the over covid post, the transmission is getting elucidated rapidly with a few obvious and easy things but afew that are not. You can go to Vumedi and sign up and you get oure academic collection of daily Covid findings and management. Strange virus and I would not risk exposure thinking you will be quick to recover and then immune, way too many exceptions with dire consequences

Most teens & youth believe they are invincible to Covid, & for many that may be true. However, there are too many of us over 50 yrs old, & those with pre-existing conditions (known & unknown), & those strains of this virus that may be deadlier than others that put the rest of us at risk.

We are now paying the price in Texas for our lack of caution & for exercising our freedoms to the detriment of our family, friends, & co-workers.

My 55yo son caught the virus a week ago. His temp has fluctuated from normal to 103, he had a devastatingly painful headache for 5 days, and was so exhausted he could barely move. His fever broke this weekend and he feels like he might actually live. This isn’t something to take lightly, my friends. PLEASE wear a mask, etc.


It can be done.

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Geography helped them a lot, I think. But they reacted better than some countries. Good for them.

Our 50 year-old son-in-law and 21 year-old grandson both have contracted COVID and are presently isolating at their respective homes. Both experienced mild-to-moderate symptoms–cough, shortness of breath-- with fatigue being the predominant one. Our grandson also lost his sense of taste and smell, which he thinks is the worst symptom of all, not unexpected coming from a college student with a hollow leg. My wife and I were both exposed to our son-in-law on Fathers Day, and had to quarantine for 14 days after finding out he tested positive for the virus. It definitely brings home the seriousness of all this when it strikes this close. Everybody stay safe out there!

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I am not trying to be snarky or political but I am mystified about any claims to a constitutional right to not be required to take precautions in a pandemic. I know a lot of intelligent people who feel this way and I don’t understand it. To me, this is like claiming you have a constitutional right to drive 100 mph in a school zone or to drive drunk or even to not wear a seat belt. They are just asking that we all wear a mask in public and increase the spacing when around people. This is the equivalent of just slowing down for safety when driving in certain areas. That does not limit anyone’s free speech, right to assembly, etc. It is just putting a few restrictions on how you exercise those rights. The whole world has handled the pandemic far better than we have and we still have millions of Americans defying the call to wear masks and increase distance between people. There is no denying that people are dying that should not be dying as a result.

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We live in a great society in part because of our individual freedoms. However, when situations arise such as pandemics, many refuse to have those freedoms & liberties curtailed, even for the right reasons including the safety of others.

Had hoped that we would implement extra precautions & public safeguards & distancing in April thru July that would enable us to open college campuses, play college sports, & fully open the economy this Fall. Our failure to do so may have only prolonged this personal & economic pain.

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A friend of mine and his son got it. He is in his fifties and recovered with only mild to mid symptoms. His son who is in his twenties took over two weeks to get over it and had very intense symptoms but did not have to be hospitalized. They are now taking it very seriously as their doctor told them that there are several studies showing that the anti bodies may not stick around for more than a couple of months and tht they should assume that they can catch it again.