Be careful Matt

This isnn’t over

This is why I hate for the other team to get the last at bat.

[Big strike out… Now a DP would be very nice.

The game was never in doubt! Lucky hit down the right field line by the 8 hole hitter! No big deal.

They got 2 pretty flukey hits. I felt good because he was making pitches.

Yeah both those hits were taken right out of the mitt especially that last one was 3 ft foul and bounced back Fair… never happen again

You guys are talking sense. I’m talking about by scared, nervous, fingernail biting emotions. When I was a kid I knew there were no monsters under the bed, but I still got scared of ‘em from time to time. :smiley:

When you’re more nervous than youdaman, you might need meds. :slight_smile:

Always good to be nervous! I can assure you DVH was on the verge of Messing his pants.

We are now in a good place. I am sure glad TT has to face
Florida on a do or go home game to use up some pitchers,
and more wear and tire on all the players.

I won’t argue with that. :smiley: