BB Women and Gamecocks coming up at 2

The Razorbacks are warming up for a 2 PM tip off against the #1 Gamecocks. I hope Neighbors can get us off to a good start. It will hard to come back from a slow start.

Let’s shock the world! Go Hogs!

The game will begin on ESPN News due to the men’s game on ESPN2 going long.

Barnham has gotten so much better.

Just getting absolutely killed on the boards. We got to be able to do better at that seems to be a weakness every year.

I think this game is just totally out of hand. The ladies just can’t get this win today. 2 tough games like this in a row! I hope they have the energy to get ready for the next game this one is over.

The offense is absolutely atrocious. Nothing more than shooting threes

Well why drive inside to get blocked. The midrange or the 3. SC has the horses to pack just about anything inside. And on top of it you won’t get a call if they hammer you.

The hogs are better on the boards but not today. They left a lot on the court against LSU. That’s part of the beating they are taking today. 2 games like this in a row is brutal.

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I don’t agree with that my friend because LSU pounded us on the boards when they crushed us the first time(outrebounded 62-30). We played them better the second time but they still rebounded us 51 to 26.Every time we play one of the elite teams they totally dominate the boards most of the time

What was the final score

The good news is we won’t have a tougher week than we just had.
We have a very good team, but we’re not elite…yet.

Yeah we’re making progress for sure. It’s not like South Carolina hasnt done this to most teams.

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Lost 92-46

Got outrebounded by 57?

Outrebounded by 57 has to be a record. And so does 74 total rebounds by one team

Glad I cut it off in 2nd quarter. We’ve finally got size and don’t know how to use it. That statistic is pathetic and just poor coaching period

I don’t know what to make of that! That is insane! Que the Larry Johnson story. Coach Neighbors is gonna have to find some manly women, if he wants to compete with that bunch.

Razorback can’t jump…

USC Lady GC’s has said that to every team they’ve played this year both con and non con. I have a feeling unless something drastically changes every team in this conference (to include LSWHO) Is playing for second place. Well third place because the Who has second rapped up. It just seems USC 1-10 can start anywhere and be the star.

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