BB returns to Atlanta likely the only way he can as long as Saban hangs around

Back in the studio as an analyst

At least he beat one of the teams in the conference game probably the best game of the year for the HOGS

Do you really believe that Alabama’s going to win all the West titles until Saban retires?

Not necessarily a few teams can compete with him but I believe he will beat us like he has since his arrival

And to win the west you have to go thru Bama

I think once or twice a decade LSU or Auburn could upset Bama. But then the winner against Bama would have to avoid more than one loss (most recent victim - Ole Miss). Difficult to do in the SEC.

So, it’s going to be a rare occasion when Bama (under Saban) fails to go to the SECCG, maybe once or twice per decade, IMO.

Sadly, I don’t see Arkansas ever being in a position to fill the void when they do fail.

Alabama failed to go to the SECCG in 2010, 2011 and 2013. Just sayin’.

… but still defeated Arkansas in each of those seasons.

Yes which is my point for us to ever get there Coach B will have to Beat Saban head to head

As bad as I hate to admit it don’t believe he can and so far somewhere along the line he drops a game he has no business losing

And Bama (Saban) still won the national championship game following the 2011 season, against the SEC champion LSU Tigers.

But I understand your point Saban, at Bama, is not infallible, just nearly so.

This, too, shall pass.

Alabama has beat us every year since 2006. They’ve beaten just about everyone that often. They’re head & shoulders above everyone right now. However, they’re not infallible. They lost to Ole Miss twice (both in years we beat Ole Miss). I have no doubt CBB can beat Saban. However, everyone knows Saban gets first choice of about any player in the country these days. It’s tough to beat that kind of recruiting.