BB recruiting ? For Richard and Dudley

I think Phillips is similar to Pippen. Not saying he is Scottie Pippen 2, but he’s a 6’7 guy that can handle the ball, dish, score on all three levels, and crash the board, BUT, in my opinion we need at least one more big 6’7 or bigger to slide underneath allowing Phillips to slide out to the three. Right now in my opinion, I think Gafford and Phillips start inside, because of Phillips ability to pull other teams four out of the paint allowing Gafford one on one, I think Chaney and Henderson will be together in the 2nd unit, because they both are four’s and have a nose for the ball. That way when Gafford is resting, you have two “bigs” on the inside that can battle. If Gabe makes a jump this summer, or we get another big, then I think you’ll see Gafford and Chaney on the inside and Phillips start at the 3, with Mason Jones being his backup. If Khalil is cleared, I fully expect him to start at the 3, and you can move Phillips, inside and out depending on the opposing teams.

Edit: If Khalil is cleared, I can see a “big” lineup with Khalil PG, Joe SG, Phillips SF, Henderson PF, and Gafford C. Three effective ballhandlers/shooters, and two defenders in the paint. Not saying that’ll be the starting lineup, but it’s a lineup with length, athleticism, scoring, and defense, and I think you’ll see CMA use it at times.

That’s a glass half empty deal.

I’m a glass half full guy.