BB recruiting ? For Richard and Dudley

Are the chances good Arkansas will add 1 more to 2018 total or are they holding it till next year?

At this time, I would say save a spot for 19, but there’s always a possibility of a late find.

I would think we would be in the market for a wing/big man grad transfer. I suppose the pickings are slim.

I wouldn’t rule anything out. One day you might think we’re done and then you get a call and learn about someone you’re not aware of and start pursuing.

Grad transfers are a win win esp. on a team like ours with some much youth and hardly bringing anyone back…I don’t get it. We should be the land of opportunity for jucos and grad transfers right now. Last time I looked there were over 25 available that averaged over 9.5 a game. If anything adding a guy to add to the rotation would be nice and you can’t even go wrong with a practice body. With this option it makes no sense to ever just leave one empty IMO. … onnections

I don’t necessarily disagree other than to say that you can very much go wrong, even with a practice body. I doubt there are any grad transfers who want to be a practice body, period. But you bring someone in who will not fit into the team chemistry, and you wind up with another DT on your hands. Sometimes, unless there’s just a perfect fit, you are better off one player short and using that scholarship later on.

I hear ya, but when talking playing time and returning players that should do nothing but spark the interest of grad/juco transfers looking for PT with our current situation. My take on the practice body thing was that even a Kouassi kinda guy is still better than nothing. These guys basically have to graduate early/or be red shirted so it’s less likely you see a situation arise where a guy is like a DT but I’ll sure those types are everywhere.

I understand that are still considering their options as well they should be.

But I do not think they feel a ton of pressure to just add a body.

Right now you would think they would have two 2019 spots available - the current scholarship that is on the table and Gafford’s.

But as we have seen this off-season, kids do pick up and leave - sometimes for good reasons, sometimes not.

Also Justice Hill may take that Football Scholarship…

I’ve thought that at least three more (5 scholarships available) will open next year. But no way of knowing for sure, until next year. JMO

I don’t think he will be on football scholarship when he gets here.

He’ll be on basketball and will seemingly tryout for football.

Dang that would be Gafford leaving and three more kids. Seems like a lot.

I think Gafford leaves for the draft, Khalil we hopefully will know soon (he’s scholarship is a possibility), I think Gabe or Adrio transfers after this season(I lean towards Gabe), and we still have one scholarship available this season that could go to a grad transfer (which opens up for next year)…So I count four scholarships for the 19 class…the coaches wouldn’t still be offering 19 kids if they felt only Gafford’s scholarship would be available

While would Gabe or Adrio transfer?

That was the five I thought:

Gafford - PRO
Garland- not cleared
Current open scholarship - saved for 19
Adrio - transfer
Gabe - maybe transfer

Adrio, will be a SR and want to play more. With Chaney, Phillips, Henderson, and even Gabe, (what little we saw of Gabe, I’ve thought he has more upside than Bailey, but that’s just my opinion) will jump ahead of him. So, Adrio, by the end of this year, again just my opinion, will probably be getting most of his minutes on the pine. Being a SR next year, I’d think he’d want to play more, so he’d be more willing to transfer to get PT.

I believe Gabe will be behind Chaney, Phillips, and Henderson, plus Mike seems to be looking at guys between that 6’6-6’8 size frame that can play the 4. I know the staff is still looking at Javon Franklin as well, I think he’d come in and jump ahead of Gabe and Gabe would be in the same position as Bailey. Almost no PT, so a transfer would seem likely.

Again, this is just my opinion, and doesn’t mean it will happen, or that it should, these two kids may turn a corner before next year and get major minutes, or they may not. Also, Khalil may get cleared. I’m kind of a pessimist, so I’m assuming worst case scenarios for those three. Heck, Gafford could even say he is returning for his JR year.


While would Gabe or Adrio transfer?

[/quote] I can see Gabe transferring because of lack of playing time I really think Adrio will stay I think he likes being a hog and I think he could have a tremendous impact his final two seasons the other forwards should jump Gabe in t he rotation because of talent

You have said it a few times, but I am surprised that you are putting Phillips with the bigs.

me too I think Phillips will play the 1-3 not the 4 unless we go small

Jordan is more of a 2-3 than a 3-4.