BB Recruiting ? Dudley

Who do you think will be the first member of the 2020 Basketball recruiting class?

Jaylin Williams

Saw a tweet last week from an OSU recruiting guru that said it was likely Williams would be a Poke. Not sure what info led him to believe that but the tweet made it seem like the guy was confident. Hope it’s just wishful thinking. I’m really worried about this class. One of the best groups to come out of Arkansas and the big boys are interested. That makes it much tougher for the Hogs to land these guys. Muss really needs to land most of these guys just to keep the positive vibes for the program going (not to mention these guys are really good ball players).

He took his first official visit to OSU so that might be what the guy is thinking

I don’t know who you consider “big boys”. Most think that is Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina and Michigan State. So far those 4 have shown no interest in the Arkansas 2020 class. I see no reason why Muss cannot go head to head against rest of the schools.

BTW, I am really surprised Moody has not drawn interest from these 4 big boys so far. I know Moses wants it bad.

I liked Williams to AR before Muss, not so much the “Big 3” (Moody, Moore, Doakes). I’m not sure about Williams now, however I think Robinson is now a very good candidate and like Williams, he’s rocketed into the rankings. However, I know it was said before the coaching change, if the Blue Bloods didn’t come calling then Moses would be a Hog. I’m interested in seeing if that holds true. Penny and Memphis seems to have got into everyone’s list. Wonder if Memphi$ ha$ become an Adida$ $chool

I know I sure wasn’t one of those saying Moses would be coming to Arkansas if Coach Anderson was here.

I do think they have abetter chance now that Coach Musselman is here.

Baked…I don’t trust Penny one bit man!

Just to be clear, I am not the one who said Moses would be a Hog if blue bloods don’t call. I have always felt it would be Ohio State or Arkansas if blue bloods don’t call.

I believe that right after the coaching change, Moses was a bit down on Arkansas and after meeting with Muss, Arkansas is back to where it was.

I wasn’t referring to you saying that, look at this conversation from about 6 months ago.

I consider the “big boys” to be any of they pay for play programs. Heck even Mississippi State nabbed one of our commits when they money was right.

Got it. In that case, there are many schools to worry about.