BB official visit this coming weekend?

PG Amauri Hardy of North Farmington High School in Mich. is tentatively set to visit Arkansas Friday and Saturday.

Coach Anderson, Cleveland and Scotty Thurman just visited with him at his school.

Is it normal for three coaches to make a school visit instead of two? Does it indicate any recruiting priority?

You usually meet where it’s best for the kid. He was probably working out and just wanted them to come by the gym. I wouldn’t read too much into the three coaches being there.

My guess is they would take the first guy who commits. With Weathers you have a proven commodity and with Hardy you got a guy who can immediately play next year. I haven’t seen either play and obviously have no idea how the staff has them evaluated. Gimme 1 of these guys and I’m ecstatic.

I was thinking same thing. Although, I would prefer Weathers just because he’s a proven scorer on the D1 level and gets to sit out a year to learn the system.

Hardy is not a bad option though by any means, his game reminds me of Jaylen Barford he really attacks the rim well. Also, he tweeted that he did receive an Arkansas offer today. Currently holds offers from Hogs, Georgia, GA Tech, and Ok State.

All I know it’s a very fluid situation. If someone tried to pin me down on a prediction I don’t think I could make one.