BB Hogs pick up 2017 commitment (Video added)

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Did he get Hazen’s scholarship or is this as a walk-on?

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He got the spot.

I believe this 100%.

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What their rosters look like as it stands for the next 3 years.

JC you still have Hazen on the 19 - 20 roster.

Fixed, thanks.

Pretty obvious the staff has prioritized getting longer and adding versatile guys who can defend a number of positions. Went from having a lack of athletic wing/combo forward types to a surplus.

How many of these 6’5 - 6’8 guys can play the 2, 3, or 4?

I think 1-3 is pretty interchangeable with Mike on the offensive end. Obviously some guys are better suited than others to be primary ballhandlers, but offensively there isn’t just a huge, huge difference.

Specifying who is playing the 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 is more applicable to defense and who these guys can guard.

I think C.J. will be able to guard 2s and 3s.

Adrio can guard 4s now and I think they feel like he’ll be able to guard bigger wings, too.

Khalil can probably guard 1-3

I feel pretty confident Darious will be able to guard 3s and 4s off the bat, potentially 1s and 2s down the road. Honestly, he could feasibly be a guy who could guard 1-5. His defensive potential is really intriguing.

Osabuohien seems like he could guard 3s and 4s.

This helps defensively. They’re building a roster that in time could be very well suited to switch across the board. Obviously they tried to do that at times last year and it didn’t work very well. A lot harder to beat a defense that can switch everything and not lose a whole lot matchup-wise.

Thanks, very nice and knowledgeable breakdown. Exactly, what I was looking for.

I am very happy for Gabe and think he has a lot of potential.

I think this fills a need for a guy that could give you some minutes at the 4 next season if needed and really come along as he continues his development.

Really like his game. Wes Flanagan really wanted him for UALR. Charles Baker and Ron Crawford love this kid.

What is your impression of him?

Welcome aboard Gabe O. Anyone know how that last name is pronounced? Why was SW Christian playing in the Parkview Gym in Gabe’s video?

They played Genius Academy of Memphis in Battle of the Border in Dec.

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I wrote about Osabuohien being the latest example of Anderson and his staff’s emphasis on finding rangy, versatile wings. Obviously that’s an area they were missing the last few years.

His handles for a 6’8 guy are exceptional (that makes 3 of the 4 player’s that signed a actual threat to take their defender off the dribble)

6’6 Garland
6’7 Dayday
6’8 Gabriel

Gabe has broad shoulders which to me indicates he could hold another 15-20lbs of bulk easily while his interior baseline offense is being refined.

I’m really hoping Gabe & Adrio have ascended into a starting Forward role by SEC play.

This is assuming neither Cook or Thomas made a substantial leap in their offensive skillset. The PF position was easily the weakest link on the roster last season.

Thomas’s offensive skill set is way ahead of Adrio and Gabe’s. I fully expect Thomas we saw against Seton Hall to be the norm next season,

We really need to give Gabe a year of development before having an impact.