BB has offered RWIII a position within the

Arkansas program. Position has not been identified. … s-program/

Yep and smart classy thing to do.
RWiii will still have a major impact on this program in any role CBB chooses for him.
When all said and done I would think that RWiii will have had more than few roles/positions under his direction, whether they are concurrent or single phased at any given time.

Coach B is handling this sad situation masterfully and with great regard for his player.

I agree. It’s a class thing to do and the right thing to do. I just hope that people, in our quest to win, will remember this. While we all want to win, I’d rather win with class and dignity than to win in an underhanded way.

Should be noted that the source information for this article on SDS came from Whole Hog Sports…

Rawleigh is a bright, articulate young man. When I listened to him being interviewed last year I thought he had a bright future as a sportscaster. With Quinn moving upstairs, they should give Rawleigh a shot at on-the-field interviewer–starting this August!