BB Code question for Admins

The BB code seems a bit limited. Can we enable tables or allow the forums to parse HTML? it sure would make some of the data posts a lot better.

If its already there, can you point me toward the BB Code for this forum? General table tags for BB Code are not parsing properly. Using [Table][/Table], [TR][/TR], [TD][/TD] etc.


The BB codes listed atop any edit box are, for the most part, all of those available. I do know that the size code works, but most others do not. I also know that the center code does NOT work.

[center]Center text[/center]

However [size=200]Size text[/size] does work
[size=200]Size text[/size]

Thanks Marty. Looks like we are out of luck. Ill play with it a bit and see what I dream up.

What in the Wide World of Sports are you two talking about? :smiley:

It’s geek talk. :sunglasses:

When does the Freak Talk begin?
Oh sorry, its early in the morning where I’m at!

I never wanted anything to do with parse. Isn’t that green stuff that chefs like to use as garnish? Just kidding. I get geek mixed up with greek. And, I generally go for the greek salad at the pizza place.

Glad I am not the only one. I was wondering is there a code ofr our coach or what is all this? Now I still have no idea, but at least I am not alone.