BB can win back your confidence, if...

I’ve been sold on BB until yesterday. I kept thinking he’d turn things around. I’ve now lost hope, and believe a change is needed. However, there’s no way he’s going to be fired during the season.

What would have to happen for you to support giving BB another year?

Would a win vs Bama, or Auburn give you hope? (maybe a 2% chance of winning either)
Would making a bowl be enough?

For me:

  1. Cole Kelley should start the rest of the way. Must have hope that next year could be a good/great one. Even if we finish 6-6, and make a bowl with AA at QB, fans would not be excited about 2018. We have to have hope in the returning team.

  2. Defense must show drastic improvement between now and year-end. We have to see proof that the switch to the 3-4 is working, and it just takes time for the team to adjust.

  3. OL must show improvement. We lose Ragnow. Ramirez is the only other Sr. Why are we spending so much effort on getting Ramirez ready? Need to spend the rest of the season getting someone that’s returning ready; Wallace, Merrick, Wagner. Kelley at QB might help. He’s willing to run when the pocket collapses. Because of his size, he also appears to keep his eyes down field when there’s pressure.

Give me hope, or give me a new coach!

None, he’s he 4 and a half years to gain loyalty from me and he hasn’t. He needs to go.

The recruiting is getting worse, this current class is not good and will only get worse as now as mentioned other Hcs will start using the “He won’t be there long” line, which is true.

The only way I’d support BB for anything is if he’d just step down and walk away, he’s done enough damage.

I don’t know if there is anything realistic that could happen. Fire the o-Line coach , split between Bama & Auburn & win out all the other games, the defense to go from on its heels to super aggressive , everyone flying to the football.

Good post TVGhog. I agree with Cole Kelly. He appears to be more confident and in command of the field and appears to have a much quicker release. It is difficult to judge the defense because the offense is so poor. I would hate to see us lose Dan Enos if in truth the o-line coach is the problem

Not no but no chance in hell!

BB can win back my confidence if Jeff Long were fired and I knew BB’s replacement would be hired by someone who knew what they were doing and who put the UA’s interests above their own self promotion… unlike Jeff.

If they beat Alabama and Auburn Bielema will have regained my complete support and undying loyalty and love.

I am still a CBB supporter but yesterday was definitely a confidence shaker, it was painful to watch :cry:

Unfortunately, we get into the tough part of the schedule and next 2 games are just brutal. The game at home with Auburn is the more critical of the 2 and a bad loss at home to Gus will not be pretty.

That being said, I expect Hogs to head to Ole Miss 0-4…we have to get to 6-6 and that will require Ole Miss, Miss St and Mizzou wins which is a tall order. I think CBB will get at least one more year, but 6-6 is about as good as we can do at this point. That will at least get us a bowl and the extra practices which are needed for the young players.

Well yeah but…What if he wins the Alabama wars but loses to both ssissippi teams? If he finishes 6-6 I would be in favor of giving him one more year, so long as there are significant staff changes. If we finish with a losing record, it is time to move on.

I see some validity in your posts, but if Cole starts the next game - be it because Austin is hurt or not playing well - Cole is going to get the same treatment Brandon did in his first start against Alabama in the 52-0 loss where they acted like Tyler Wilson was going to play.

It’s going to be ugly next week

doesn’t matter if we trot tom brady out there. dudley said it best, it is going to be very very ugly.

i would almost rather forfeit than have to see what bama is going to do to us.

Realistically, there is nothing he can do…we don’t have the talent to mount a winning streak. The team plays with no passion or fire…they need to try to turn it around for the big man to have any chance of being here in 2018. Does Jeff Long have his prospects on his rolodex, i phone or on a piece of paper at the bank in his lockbox?

It will be ugly next week but I think the really ugly will be the home game with Auburn. I think Saban has some respect for CBB and he does not seem to run it up unless he wants to make a point (Ole Miss Game). Gus on the other hand will score as many points as he can. I also think the Auburn offense is better and unfortunately I can’t see the Hogs stopping them much :cry: :cry: :cry:

Next two weeks are going to be ugly.