Bazz just said Brent Venables

Would be a great choice for our next HC. Hard to argue with that. I hope it happens.

Who would be the OC

No coordinators please

CBV is my personal choice. He’s been very successful and has good recruiting ties into Texas. He’s not a polarizing hire. He’s experienced. I think he would do well here.

The University would be pretty damn lucky to have CBV come on board. I seriously don’t understand this line of reasoning when discussing one of College Football’s most elite Coordinators.

I think it’s the “unknown.” Some coordinators become good coaches. Some don’t. Some up and comers are given a chance, some work out some don’t. Some experienced coaches work out (Urban Meyer) some don’t (Bret)

Sure, I get that and thanks for your response, but I was curious why someone would paint every coordinator with the same brush? It doesn’t seem well thought out… CBV isn’t just another coordinator. And more specifically I was curious as to piggybackers “thought process” on his statement.

Good question

We have a well-established, decades-long policy of only hiring people with HC experience. Remember that John Barnhill made JFB get a year of HC experience at Misery before he would hire him as Head Hog.

We’ve broken that policy a few times, most recently with Jimmy Dykes. How did that work out?

But there’s a new sheriff in town. JFB is not around to offer his advice. Steinmetz and Cromer-Peoples, or whoever replaces her, may choose to go a different route. However, our history is not to hire people who have never been a head coach.

It is true that a coordinator hire sometimes works out beautifully. Bob Stoops had no HC experience when OU hired him. And people with stellar HC resumes elsewhere sometimes don’t work out in a different job (Bielema).

I keep coming back to this, What is his source? Do we even know who is doing the hiring?

If he is so great, why has no one taken a chance on him as Head Coach. He just doesn’t excite me for Head coach

I would much rather have Gus or Norvell than a defensive coordinator who has never been a coach. I don’t see Venables as a top candidate. Why has he never been a head coach? How old is he? Too risky a move, in my view.

From everything I’ve read about him, he hasn’t really actively gone after any HC jobs and none of the schools who have sniffed around him were tempting enough to get him to leave Clemson. Would an SEC job tempt him? We may or may not find out.

He’s never been a head coach
He’s bern as assistant for number of years-17
Why has he never been a head coach?
Is he an great coordinator because it’s been at Bama and Clemson - where you have great athletes?
He’s had no time in the SEC

I like the guy but would rather have someone who has a zero or little learning curve

If we did go this route— hopefully he turns out to be Kirby Smart

Other than Gus, Kiffin, Leach, or Briles, most of the guys that have been mentioned have less than 5 years experience (Kiffin has five years and five games, one in the SEC, Gus has 6 years, one in the Sunbelt). So, most would have the learning curve. Of the four I mentioned, the fanbase would be divided if the didn’t win and win quickly.

He fits the mold of what we need. Would be interesting to see if he is still a stud recruiter when not in a recruiting hot bed.

Great point and what would worry me the most. We need a prolific recruiter, or one that can pull together a prolific recruiting office.

I don’t think Venables would excite the fan base at all.

  1. He is a coordinator. Frank said he would never make that mistake again after the Crowe debacle.

  2. He is defensive minded. I get the feeling that the fan base is ready to open up the offense.

We throw plenty. More pass attempts than 8 SEC teams. Including the one coached by Gus. We don’t throw EFFECTIVELY, but the offense is open. We’d throw even more if our OL could keep people off AA/CK (3 sacks per game on average, and no telling how many times they had to throw it to Grandma or scramble).

And we score plenty of points. Three SEC teams that are already bowl eligible score fewer points than we do. What we don’t do is stop people from scoring. Thus the desire for a coach who might correct that situation.

I don’t necessarily disagree with you there but I’m just basing my comments on what I read others post. Some fans don’t believe an offense is wide open unless you are running HUNH.

You didn’t address the coordinator aspect of it though. Should we take that risk? There is more to being head coach than what happens on Saturdays. All of the planning, speaking engagements, etc… Some coordinators just aren’t prepared for that. For every Kirby Smart there are plenty of coordinators who fail.