Baylor's Nightmare Keeps Getting Worse....

…Big 12 finally takes action, NCAA supposedly investigating. … ed-changes

For some reason, I just think it’s going to get worse. Until the NCAA is done and until the litigation is done, I just fear more bad stuff. Bad, bad stuff.

I wonder when the school turns on Briles and he gets criminally charged. He shouldn’t get away.

Does the NCAA have to stop being limp wristed now that Baylor has a nightmare, Louisville has a mess in recruiting, and Ole Miss has a mess in recruiting?

Can you believe Ken Starr is being considered by the president for an administration job. Being considered for an ambassador-at-large for religious freedom position.

One never really knows what’s in another man’s heart, but after his leadership gaff at Baylor, just wonder how he ever got on the list for consideration. … ambassador