Baylor's Football Program

Multiple stories in today’s Dallas News about all the recruits Baylor is losing from their 2016 and 2017 recruiting classes. The Baylor folks are really upset that some of them are going TEXAS.

I hate to see a lot of these recruits going to TEXASS too but I really don’t know what else Baylor expected. And their 2017 class is falling apart not only because of the scandal but also because the recruits don’t know who the coach will be. Kind of reminds me of the year we had with JLS as the coach.

I was hoping we would have an interest in a few of them. If our Insiders are not reporting anything in that vein, then there must not be interest on our part, or maybe the kid’s. I had thought that we might be waiting on the school to release the kids before we gaged their interest in us, but those guys are moving on fast!! If we have not been mentioned, then I’d bet a transfer from Baylor just will not happen.

I’m sure part of it is numbers. You have to have scholarships left for this year.

We might not have landed any of the Baylor kids anyway, but Raulerson filled up our scholarship list, so there is no room at the inn. Even if any of them had wanted to come here (and maybe some did), we had no way to take them.