Baylor team and coaches

Have my respect. They are well coached. They are very good and have a great chance of winning it all.

Baylor as an institution has zero respect from me. I posted all those reasons yesterday. Sleazy awful events in their history. Goes back decades. They are a blight on my life long Baptist roots. Just awful.


And I thought the players were respectful after the game. They went to our players with hugs and handshakes


I’ll pull for them the rest of the way.

I respect their team. I’ll root for them to beat Cougar High. Then I’ll put on my Zags hat.

Baylor is the best, most talented team we have played this year. Excellent guards, big, athletic guys inside. They were impressive.

Arkansas gave its all in the game. We made a game of it after Baylor came out on fire. Baylor was just too talented, too deep and too well coached. The better team won, but our Razorbacks played so hard. I am proud of this team and our coaches.

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Well coached, for sure… but Coach Drew has the luxury of tons of experience on this team.

Experience matters, especially at guard. To me, that’s what makes this Baylor team so good. They are talented, yes. But their experience plays huge in March.

Butler, Mitchell, and Teague…… all 3rd year in Baylor system. Same for Thamba and Mayer. 5th year for Vital.

On the other hand, if Coach Muss ever coaches his 18th year at Arkansas, I would suppose that we had been to multiple Final Fours (not the first one), and perhaps had hung a banner or 2 in BWA next to the '94 one.

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