Baylor recruiting

I can’t find the story now, but I saw something this morning that the current Baylor football staff is not recruiting at all. They all know they’re out the door after the season, but I find that very surprising. Even our JLS staff kept recruiting (and this story did mention that situation, as well as the Ohio State staff during the Luke Fickell year before they hired Urban Blight). They’re still getting paid to do a job after all. Apparently the kids taking unofficial visits to Waco are largely coming to check out the opponents, not the Bears. Seems like the Briles mess will wipe out Baylor football for years to come, which some would contend is exactly what they deserve.

If true, that’s very unprofessional. You do your job at hand.

Who knows? You might land a spot on the new staff.

The story: … 2017-class

Baylor can recapitulate the SMU story for all I care. It is not just Briles, to me it even includes Ken Starr getting greasy. Lots of cover up and fabrication that needs to be wiped clean. However, Baylor has survived basketball killings literally and returned to success on the court, so they have some experienced hands on board to survive this blip. I have them high on my hate list since the days of worm eating Teaff, hope they bottom and stay bottomed out for eons and eons of time.

Yep, that would be it. I thought it was on but I couldn’t find it when I went back through the site.


It appears ATM is the recruiting benefactor for Baylor’s demise.