Baylor Recruiting

Has Baylor been implemented in any illegal basketball recruiting in recent years?

Suspected not implicated. Cheating is the least of their sins. Cover up of murder and sexual assault have been their calling card.



NCAA has no jurisdiction to punish them over murder and sexual assault. Or until the criminal and civil cases are settled.
But sure seems that would fall under lack of institutional control considering the involvement by Baylor Brass.


The moral compass of Baylor does not exist! There’s no need to say anymore!

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True or not, Baylor’s Scott Drew is viewed by a segment of the coaching fraternity as someone who has won recruiting battles in creative way$.

How big a segment? Not sure, but of 10 or so college coaches that I am talk to on a regular basis - or at least did before he pandemic - 8 of the 10 sure feel that way.

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Probably the segment that has ever seen Waco, Texas.

Hmmmm…creative way$

Perhaps Bayluh alum are just generous souls who have a hard time passing up a collection plate.

Praise the Lord and buy a point guard! Or maybe they were confused by Pat Bradley’s pronunciation of “point god”.

I had heard that hinted recently. Sigh…

My opinion of Baylor was rock bottom. I thought until I read this.

How in the world are they still in business.

If Baylor has been buying recruits, they must have a low budget for it, because until the class of 2021, they have not been getting five star recruits.

Their eight-man rotation against us was four transfers and four 4-star recruits. Where they were when Drew arrived, they would have had to buy 4-stars, and probably a few 3-stars.

I don’t know what ever happened to “Jacksonhog” or Todd. He used to post on this board and others primarily regarding basketball and recruiting. I believe I was told he had a stroke a couple years ago and never heard anything else.

At any rate, he was one of my favorite posters. He had a strong dislike of Scott Drew indicating that Drew was paying for players. He also said same or Rick Stansbury I think when he was at State and under Billy Kennedy at Tamu. Dude was well connected…so I most certainly believe Scott Drew is/was dirty. Making a run like this certainly helps recruit even without $$$

If you’re already paying for players, making a run to the Champ Game probably not gonna let ya just put the checkbook away. Especially if you want good players to come to Waco.
May be able to curb the money back some. But I think once you’re committed to that way of recruiting, the stud recruits will expect it to some degree. Even the good 4 star ones.

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So, Baylor eight man rotation makeup was like Arkansas. Did Baylor have 4 stars before Drew got there? Can’t remember that far.

Drew’s first signing class in 2004 was two 3-stars and two 2-stars; #79 class according to 247. The next year he signed three in-state 4-stars and the #17 class, coming off an 8-21 season. You could be charitable and say he impressed them with his vision for the program, or…

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Yeah, that does sound very suspicious.

Has NCAA had a formal investigation of Baylor Basketball last several years?

Not that there is an NCAA oversight of college basketball at the moment.

Seems there has been smoke with Drew there for years that make many skeptical.

But yet nothing happens.

In the early 2000 they were all over Dave Bliss and Baylor. Since then: Crickets…

Let’s be honest. The formula is that you cheat and then race to win as big as possible before you’re caught. If you win big enough, there will almost always be a school willing to take a chance on you for a wonderful redemption story.

He has Baylor in the finals. If he gets caught, does it really matter all that much? Most people still believe that USC won its championship with Pete Carol, and Calipari still took UMass and Memphis to their highest heights. Then, he got a job coaching Kentucky freaking basketball.

These stories make cheating sound like just a good career decision.