Baylor head coach opening

Could this be a job Mitch Thompson gets and brings his brother on board to help?

Is Mitch the brother of Nate Thompson?

A person on another board claims to have a source in Kansas that says Nate Thompson will be named the new head coach at KU soon.

Yes Mitch is his brother, currently HC at McClennan JC.

Heard same on Ks job yesterday as well.

I have thought Nate might be a candidate at Kansas because of his ties to the area. He recruits KC and the Kansas JUCOs well, and he grew up in west Kansas. I’m not sure if he grew up a KU fan, but I heard a story recently about he and Bobby Wernes going to Phog Allen Fieldhouse for the KU-Mizzou basketball game in December. Bobby grew up not far from KU’s campus.

D1Baseball’s coaching board seemed to indicate Mitch Thompson is a big candidate for Baylor. He won the NJCAA national championship last season at McLennan in Waco and he was a long-time assistant coach at Baylor.

I think if you’re the hitting coach, you ought to help increase the team hitting stats, especially with the best hitting prospects in a decade.

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