Baylor game starting time

What gives with rounds 3 and 4 being played on sat-sun mon-tue? I can get the push back for the first 2 rounds, but why did they not come back on Thu-fri for round 3? And a 9:00 tip for an elite 8 game? Gee friggen whiz!! Not only can you not atten in person but they are trying to lose viewers with a late start!! I think someone should lose their job over this schedule!! I do not under stand it!

Once they pushed back the first round, they wanted the normal rest before the second round, which is five days. And it probably doesn’t hurt that the Elite Eight gets a Monday night time slot, when people are conditioned to watch sports after 50 years of MNF, for better ratings on TV. I have to believe CBS wanted our game in prime time instead of Houston-Oregon State, which has all the earmarks of being low-scoring and boring.

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