Baylor dominating

Bears-Zags is going to be a war

Beating Cougar High like a dirty rug.

Should have been Arkansas in the final 4 instead of Houston.

If not for the unfortunate Smith injury, it likely would have been because Arkansas probably would have gotten the 2 seed over Houston.

Arkansas was a better team than the Coogs, it was obvious all season long.

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We played Baylor better than they did too.

When are the last Top 25 polls taken? Will the fact that the Razorbacks were able to pull within 4 points of Baylor in the Elite Eight game influence the final vote or will everyone literally mail in votes for #1 and #2 with no thought for the rest of the field? It seems that the Hogs played a much more competetive game against Baylor than did Houston and could be reasonably ranked from #3 (doubtful) to #6. The preseason polls next fall could be top five. Coach Musselman is creating a monster. As Nolan said, you have to feed the monster.

I think we’ll finish #7

I’d take that. Mailed in.

Houston was overseeded as a 2. A 4 seed at best.

Ohio St was WAY overseeded as a 2. A 6 seed at best.

As all the Big 12 media darlings…

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