Baylor DB Transfer Al Walcott Highlights

Really like this guy, great ball skills and very good tackler!!Love how he wraps those legs up!!


The two new defensive coordinators did good job recruiting these Baylor players. They are fundamentally sound

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Yes I think they’re going to be perfect for the attacking style of defense that Williams wants to play. I’m all about that. You cannot let the offense get comfortable or they will eat you alive

Walcott sure has the build to be an enforcer in the secondary, hopefully the visuals translate to his contributions in our secondary. I do agree that a more attacking style of defense would be a welcome change. I liked Odom and I am sure the talent available influenced his defensive style, but our bend but don’t break style bent too much into the end zone! I know being overly aggressive puts the back end in a tough spot, but with the quarterbacks now can pick a defense apart, if they aren’t pushed out of their comfort zone.

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