Baylor criminal investigation, a new layer has been added.

As of Monday or Tuesday the Texas Rangers have opened an investigation into Baylor’s handling of alleged sexual assaults by students.

Their primary interest appears to be whether there was a cover up or an obstruction of justice, if you will. From the top I guess, that includes the school, Baylor, then president Ken Starr, the AD, the HC and assistants, and anyone else in the chain of command that might have hindered the investigation or reporting process.

The Baylor Police Department as well as the Waco Police Department will likely get a hard rap on the knuckles.

Personally I don’t know how likely it is that anyone will do prison time. But I have had professional experience with regulatory state agencies as well as some not quite to the level of the Rangers.

I can tell you without doubt those held accountable for upholding state/national statutes take a very narrow interpretative view of the rules and laws they enforce. (May be that way in all states I don’t know.)

One never knows what the results will be; however, just based on what we think we know, I would not bet against indictments for some of the Baylor folks. … 29053.html

This isn’t good for Baylor U., but it’s an investigation that needs to happen. Think we need to send Chuck Norris to do some Walker, Texas Ranger-style questioning of Art Briles?

if the provocation was a state legislator as suggested by the DMN. Baylor had better wake up and get this resolved no matter how damning the findings. The PR has to be killing them. I bet Chip and Joanna are bothered, no way this does not have collateral damage and maybe even to the point of politics being involved to much. That would really suck, but be it what it is: … lt-scandal

I never did know who Jimmy played for other than the Cowboys, if he were a Baylor player would Cordell keep him in the loop? CD was a curmudgeon equivalent to Ken Starr. Baylor arrogance has only Ole Miss to be smitten more.

Whom ever is guilty in the that chain of command should be punished!
This is no more than selling your moral values in order to win! Baylor should clean house period not partially!

Living here in TX, there is no question the negative buzz on Baylor and increased scrutiny.

In my view, the fundamental issue is how intertwined that board was in this scandal - which is the underlying cause of continued bad PR.

All the hands that protected the rapes and playing rapists are not gone and those that knew likely remain in power as I suspect most all knew and looked the other way.

To enhance PR, you get rid of bad apples.

They got rid of some, but the tree is rotten and hence the matter will continue to haunt.