Baylor Coach?

As a general rule, I like it when the pundits disrespect us – earn it and then they’ll give you props.

But did anybody else notice the Baylor coach as the special guest pundit the other night ?

Does he have some bitterness toward the Hogs or what ?

He seems to be one of those types “it’s always about me”, one of those who always has to be the center of attention, always directs the conversation back to him…

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He’s one of those guys you meet at a party and says: “Enough about me, what do you think about me?”.


To heck with him, the CBS crew and talking heads. WE have had a great season!

Far exceeded my expectations!!

Anyone care to summarize what he said? I missed it.

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Very good question, please somebody cut us a tape or cliff notes version, please.

I’m a meat and potato man. Can’t regurgitate long conversations…

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His team reflects their coach, he is the perfect fit for Baylor, sad and arrogant.

What I saw wasn’t that bad. Some of the crew were referencing that this was Hog’s first win over a #1 seed in 11 tries. And He said something like he was glad the Hogs didn’t beat a #1 seed last year…


Yeah i saw a good portion and wasn’t alarmed and only heard the same comment mike said.

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