Baylor Coach Predicts Hog Win (just kidding)

Sorry! Practicing my click bait skills :star_struck:

In his press conference, Baylor Coach Scott Drew said the team that scores the easiest baskets will win tonight. That was an interesting thought…

  1. Both teams used a lot of energy in their sweet 16 games Saturday night. Both teams played from behind and then won. Baylor had to use a great deal of energy in the second half to win. That could affect outside shooting.

  2. Outside shooting has been weak for both teams in the tournament.

  3. Assessment:
    Baylor advantage: 3 experienced guards that can shoot or drive efficiently.
    Arkansas response: at least 2 guards in Davis and Tate (3 if you count Moody as a guard) that have size, athleticism, and can defend well.

Arkansas advantage: Smith inside. Baylor is much weaker in the post compared to past years and Smith might be the deciding factor. Also Baylor gambles on defense with aggressive perimeter play. Disciplined ball movement/good decision making can negate that. Short passes please!
Baylor response: either shoot 35% from three or net 5 more steals than the Hogs (and get easy points off turnovers). Will Baylor need to bring help to defend when Smith has the ball?

Conclusion: Make sure you live within 20 minutes of a good hospital that has excellent cardiac care (and a tv in the emergency waiting area).

Dr. Spradhog

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Is today April Fools day???

Just kidding , close though.

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