Baylor cheap shots, murder and ignorance

I’ve had very hard feelings towards Baylor for years…

  1. The cheap shot on Steve Little in 1975 on the opening kickoff. Put him out of the game.
  2. The cheap shot on Darryl Mason in WMS in 81. Helmet to face mask. Darryl lost teeth. But came back to play.
  3. Early 2000 Dave Bliss mess with one Baylor player murdering another and subsequent NCAA violations for improper player payments and such
  4. 2016 sexual assault scandal that was covered up by everyone from coaches to the President of Baylor

And those are just the tip of the iceberg. They have zero respect from me.


For many years here, the big 12 fans have recognized the depth of the Baylor athletic dept. hypocrisy & the cover-ups by their administration. Not much to be proud of.


That shot on Steve Little is at the top of my list too.

I have had no respect for Baylor ever since.


Baylor has displayed lowdown rotten mores since the Grant Teaff time. Disgraceful for any school and most certainly for a school that cloaks itself as being a Christian/Church School. Despicable Hypocrites.


That’s my gripe. And your a Christian School? Steve was my hero what happened? I can’t remember.

So guys tell me how Drew get away with cheating? IM if needed

Okay. As a former Baptist, let me add my “amen” to everything everyone said. Not one post on here I disagree with. They’re hypocrites, cheaters, & dirty. Over the years, though, we pummeled them so I didn’t give them enough thought to really hate them. Doesn’t mean I have an ounce of respect for them.

Although most of the then-SWC head football coaches were not overly gracious about us leaving for the SEC, Grant Teaff’s public comment has always stuck out to me as the least gracious, when he said, “Don’t let the screen door hit you in the butt on the way out, Arkansas.” Such class for a supposed Christian gentleman, SMH. Never have liked those guys, and him in particular! I would be SO happy to see us beat Baylor tonight.

Glad I am not the only one who remembers that, I was a UA student at the time. I have never ever seen the kicker tackled on the opening play, despicable

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If ever a program deserved the death penalty, it’s Baylor. I hope we beat their ars!


Thanks for your time in Passing thee word.

It is hard for me to crucify anyone. I have in my younger days drank to much. 2 cases a day. I’ve have a hundred people say Mike your to skinny to drink that much. 3 DWI’s in college and fo the next 25 years NONE! Now how does that happen and still be alive or hurt some body.

December 14’th 1990 the last drop I have had. I can go to bars , parties and not drink. I have no desire too go down that path again. Like smoking HARD to quit.

I have never hurt anyone and so I choose not to drink today. EVEN with the hogs playing. I do love Barq’s root beer, LOL

You folks do realize that Baylor and Jailer rhyme.


Baylor fans always blamed Arkansas for the SWC demise & per knowing that ut planned to block them from being part of the new Big12. That was until the TX governor & Baylor alum forced Big12 to include Baylor.

As Clay stated in a prior post, ut also planned for the Hogs to be excluded from the Big12 - thus Broyles’ quick move of Arkansas to the SEC.

Can’t dislike Baylor or any team as much as ut horns - except perhaps tonight.

Say what you will about CFB but the move to SEC IMHO was stroke of genius

Oh I have developed an unhealthy distaste for the Rebnecks. To me they are on a par with the tea-sippers. While I don’t like Bayluh at all, they have not achieved the status of the other two.

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No regrets about Broyles moving us to the SEC. What’s left of the dysfunctional big 12 will eventually follow the same path as the SWC & for the same reasons. The SEC wanted UofA in hopes that ut & aTm would follow along with the lucrative TX TV markets.

Sanctimonious, holier-than-thou, cheating, lying hypocrites. That is Baylor.

Other than that they are fine.


Good point. They belong together.

I nod my head to this thread. The Bliss stuff was really disgusting.


Bliss was bad at OU and SMU, worse at Baylor.


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