Baylor CB Lorando Johnson update

Not really much of one other than it appears he enjoyed the visit and the basketball game atmosphere seem to impress him.

Sorry not much to report. Sometimes kids aren’t real talkative.

Other offers/visits? I didn’t see any info on him anywhere.

No. He’s a guy that likes to keep things to himself.

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He did tweet this

He also posted a very short video yesterday on Instagram.

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Thx RD, I don’t have Twitter.

LOL. You’re not missing anything. He just posted a pin indicating he was at the UA at 1:40 pm today.

Lol oh ok, I thought the video was from him!! Guess a fan posted on his Twitter.

He posted the very short video inside of Razorback stadium on Instagram. Sorry if I didn’t explain it well.

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It’s ok, learning this Twitter as I go, no Instagram either.

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right. Thanks for clarifying.

Does the lab have Twitter?

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Prolly knws more than me!! :crazy_face:

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