Baylor blowing right by Gonzaga

I said it earlier, we get 3 or 4 that are dual-threat that can blow by you or drill the 3 and you will be unstoppable! The defense is always on their heels if they lay back, they drill the 3, if they get too close they blow right by them and score, that is that is what we are missing.Baylor G so good around the basket

Then teach them to play straight Man in your face defense where you don’t need all the trapping and you have a chance to win NC.

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Yep All Baylor 3pt 52%-12%,
Zags are a coming tho.

Oh yeah the Zags are awesome, just haven’t seen the quickness of Baylor

Baylor is playing lights out.

Baylor 12 offensive rebounds 3 for Zags…yikes…

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Zags got screwed on the no call on their end and then get called for a no contact foul…

Baylor is shooting it well, but I have lost count of the fouls that haven’t been called. Mitchell should have been on the bench with 4 long ago.

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Dandy Don be singing now…

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Yeah feel much better about our game with them now, we just need a few more offensive weapons

It would have helped immensely if one of our major weapons hadn’t fouled out with 13+ left.

Bingo Swine. . Notae going out early took away any chance of winning. Love Notae, but that wasn’t a good decision.

Oh no doubt it hurt us tremendously when he went out and illustrates my pt, you need 3-4 guys who can hurt you so when 1 goes out the other 2-3 start stepping it up, we are close, just need a few more puzzle pieces

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