Baylor athletics

How can Baylor have an athletic program THIS good so soon after all the terrible things their football and basketball teams were alledged to have done? They have zero tradition in men’s sports. Something ain’t right.

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Drew is a good coach! I don’t think they’ve built their team through recruiting freshman as much as they’ve hit the transfer market.
The football program had a very good coach in Matt Ruhle. I have no idea why the NCAA failed to hammer them other than they are just gutless!
In my opinion there should have been some folks sent to jail over what happened. I’m not just referring to the players! People in the Athletic department and administration should have been hit!

Still, on they roll. Just like Auburn, LSU, and Miss St in our conference, and Kansas and Arizona in the bigger picture. And this week the NCAA hands down a notice of allegations to…South Carolina? Seriously?

If just half was true about Baylor football and what they did to women systematically, they should not be allowed to play sports.

Basketball seems evidence threats of NCAA violations are meaningless.

I agree Drew can coach talent.

South Carolina came out in the FBI probe before Auburn and later LSU surfaced as being involved. In my opinion Auburn and LSU should be checking the mail and receive their notice soon! I’m not going to hold my breathe waiting on the NCAA to do anything to any of them!

I have said it before, the NCAA is a JOKE

And yet we here in Arkansas live in mortal terror that if a coach so much as sends a text message during a dead period, the NCAA will give us the death penalty. The NCAA selectively enforces it’s rules on certain Universities. The Blue Bloods and Too Big To Fail Schools get a pass. In Baylor’s case, as well as Texas Tech sudden rise up the ranks I’m sure are due to these Schools having powerful friends inside the NCAA. And I’m sure these Institutions backers have greased the palms of certain NCAA Officials. Maybe something we should try.

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