Baylor at BYU this Saturday - ESPN late game

Could give us a good idea of what we might expect in October when we travel to BYU. Baylor is currently ranked 10th and BYU 25th in today’s Coaches poll.

Baylor is currently a 3.5 point favorite.

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Definitely a game worth watching.

Think BYU is under the radar and should be ranked much higher. Would not surprise me to see BYU beat Baylor by 7 or more points.

I am planning to be at the BYU game so hope I am wrong about how good they are…

Alabama and BYU will be the two toughest games we play IMO due to BYU being on the road.

I hope that happens. I want BYU to be ranked as high as possible before we play them. That can only help us if/when we beat them. We don’t play Baylor, so I don’t care where they are ranked (unless we are battling them for a CFP spot at the end of the season). :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

BYU is actually the 3.5 point favorite on the site that I use

You are right. I looked at the line wrong. #9 team playing the #25 team and I didn’t really pay close attention to the +/- numbers. Seems like a strange line. Coaches poll didn’t even have BYU ranked before today’s poll. That says it would be a push in a bowl game?

I did a double-take on the line as well. Oddsmakers must feel like Provo is worth more than the usual 3+ points for home field. Should be a fun game to watch!

Been saying it for months - 2nd toughest game we’ll play. BYU is legit. Like them to cover against Baylor.

Mississippi St is visiting Arizona kicking off 45 minutes later, have to use that
-----> <----- button on the remote. :sunglasses:

Nothing like finishing a Saturday with late night football. It’s like having dessert.