Baye Fall down to 7

Has to be one of the most interesting top 7s I’ve ever seen for a 5-star.

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I was thinking the same thing. Naturally, it should have contained only the bluest of the blue bloods. I like our chances against that group any day of the week

He’s a Denver kid, so I guess I understand CU. K-State? Rutgers? Seton Hall just hired the Saint Peter’s coach who is a Seton Hall alum, so I guess that attracts some interest

I believe K State is about to be in the mix for a large number of big time prospects. Tang did a heckuva job in Waco.

Fall must still have schools concerned about academic eligibility issues. We feel those are ok. He’s definitely a 5 star talent

Baye and Assane are looking to officially visit Sept. 16-18 but it hasn’t been finalized yet.


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