Baye Fall and Laydon Blocker

What is the thought on the impact these two could play next season. There’s been much discussion about players that might return. It’s been evident that this years freshman had and still do have a lot to learn playing on a bigger stage than high school. Can Blocker shoot the ball at a high percentage and can Baye Fall hold his own considering his weight?

Yet to be determined! My opinion on the subject would be Blocker can shoot it well
Enough but can he play defense well
Enough to get on the floor.
The big man Fall needs to get in the weight room and push it hard. He might get pushed around for a while. Think about what JWill went through his first year. The hogs need shooters. Walsh will make strides on his outside shot I hope. Time will
Who comes back and what our hogs roster will
Look like. Let’s sit back and enjoy baseball and some football then we’ll know.
Man isn’t it nice to be a Hog fan.


I think Fall is a project based on the video I have watched. Him dunking on people all the time is not gonna happen in the SEC. Can he gain weight and be a rim protector like Gafford, not sure? If he can develop like Gafford did then he will be a heck of a player in 2-3 years. I am not sure what to think about Blocker. He flashes at times and that gets me excited. He has good size and length to play the position. We need a rebuilt roster next year so let’s sit back and watch Muss do what Muss does in the portal.

Both of them will get to play a bunch if not start . Only thing that’ll stop blocker is if Nick returns which I highly doubt he will because of the bashing us fans been doing towards him . I said us even though I didn’t play part in bashing him ima part of the fan base .

“Bashing?” Where do you hang out? I’ve missed it.

Army made me smile in a “good way!” It is nice to be a Hog fan…WPS! glad we have Muss to worry about the little things. That’s the reason he makes the big $$$$$$'s…

While I don’t condone as you call it “bashing” the players, but if you, me or anyone thinks Nick’s decision will be about anything but what he feels he wants to do or is in his best interest, I would say this is incredibly naive.

Layden is a Devo Davis type. Not a shooter.

Baye Fall is a long, athletic dunker type. Really skinny, but he will get blocks.

I don’t think either is a one and done.

Nick isn’t returning, but It won’t be due to any fan bashing. IMO, the only reason Nick won’t be returning here is because he’s going to be a lottery pick in the NBA draft. The only way that doesn’t happen is if the NBA teams’ Drs discover some major problems with his knee. I certainly don’t foresee that happening.

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2024 draft class is weak class they’ve been saying it could be the weakest in the past 10years, this draft of 2023 supposed to be one of the best if not the best since lebron 2003 draft class . You don’t think with rich paul as his agent and his family”already wealthy b4 NIL” would run that thought across his head ??? He’s slated at the back end of the lottery which he’ll probably rise in the combine but if he stays it’s a great chance he’s a top 3 pick . If it was about money and not the team he wouldn’t have came back

You must not have been here before he returned from the injury those 18 games. People were saying the most bizarre/bashfull things . Or just go look at the Facebook threads comments from 24/7 and whole hog sports in the past 24hours

I sent the draft class message to you

Don’t think I got into the bashing or no bashing debate, just don’t agree that message board stuff would be much of a factor in his decision, but whatever.

Blocker can Play! incredibly fast and explosive and very nice outside shot.Fall is better than people think offensively,nice little jump hook and turn around and will be a factor on defense


Blocker torched Bronny James.


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