Baye and Assane

Best I remember, I’ve talked to them 3-4 times with once being in person.

They’re exactly how they looked and acted during the ceremony. Very, very thankful for their opportunities. There’s an innocence about them because I believe they’re still adjusting to life in the states and all that comes with it.

I’ll never forget talking to a coach here with a kid from Africa. One of the first things the kid asked when he arrived was “When do the lights go out?”. The coach didn’t understand. The kid said the electricity would go off at certain times at night.

The coach also told me they were driving home after playing a pickup game with his teammates and the kid said “I’ve never done that before.” The coach said play a pickup game? The kid said “No, play inside with lights on.”

There’s an appreciation from kids like Baye and Assane that you don’t see from others. That’s not a criticism of kids in the states. They just live in a country with so many blesses.


I didn’t get to watch their signings. Did Assane mention why he wasn’t coming with Baye?

IIRC he felt more comfortable in Colorado because he’s been there for a while

Whether he’s saying it or not, it’s mostly about playing time. He thinks there’s a better chance to play early at Colorado.

You are right about that RD - too much entitlement

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