Baye and Assane will announce decisions

I’d guess it’s down to the Hogs and Seton Hall. They are the only 2 teams on both player’s final teams.

Does either player have ties to Seton Hall? If not, it’s hard to believe, after these last 2 seasons and this season’s team that the Hogs aren’t in the lead for both.

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I will eat this phone if Muss doesn’t close this deal.

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It’s gotta be the Hogs…they’re announcing on my birthday!

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Playing at Ft. Smith 4 days after announcing….hmmmm

I wonder if our blowout lost to Texas will have any bearing on their decision??

I know there are thoughts about where Ron Holland, Baye Fall and Assane Diop are leaning or headed.

I can’t say I know for sure where they’re going. That said I haven’t heard anything that makes me think they’re for sure headed elsewhere.

I do believe it’s Arkansas or Texas for Holland.

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If their decisions come down to a meaningless exhibition loss to Texas then how weak of interest in the Hogs would that indicate? I doubt it even came on their radar.

These are 18-year-old kids you’re talking about who don’t have any common sense whatsoever so yeah I can definitely see it having an impact

Never knew you to be a Chicken Little. I expect it with some others on here, but I have always viewed you as a positive believer.
I think Muss can easily overcome a worthless game that even he admits that losing was not a bad thing.

LOL I’m definitely not a chicken little but if a kid is choosing between two schools and one beats the other about 30 points it’s probably going to make Texas look really really good right now… that’s just reality but I definitely have a lot of trust in coach musselman to get great players in here whether it be Holland or any of these other guys I don’t worry about that at all. If he choose to go to Texas we just say .

There you go. There have been times here when positive vibes in recruiting were hard to find (See Karl Malone). But we seem to be living in a different time and I am just enjoying the ride as long as it lasts and I just think Muss is going to get them until he doesn’t rather than the other way around.