Bawled like a baby

Watching Vanessa Bryant’s speech inducting Kobe into the Hall of Fame. I still haven’t gotten over his death, and I probably never will. He is my all time favorite player. I have always been a Laker fan, however I am not a LeBron James fan. I’m sick of his politics. I am so sick of his politics, that I’ve got an extremely high dollar autographed rookie card of LeBron for sale on EBay right now. I don’t want anything to do with him anymore, and I need new flooring. RIP, Kobe, Gigi, and your 7 friends. LeBron will never be a true Laker. Kobe WAS the Lakers.

Was never a Kobe fan or a Laker fan. Always a 76er /early day Knick fan but Kobe was lethal in his game and competitive spirit. I respected and feared him when my teams played them. RIP!

Hate to burst your bubble, Jeremy, but I get the distinct impression that if Kobe had still been alive when that cop kneeled on George Floyd’s neck for nine minutes, he wouldn’t have kept his mouth shut. Even Michael Jordan, who once said Republicans buy sneakers too, spoke out.

Swine, we get your political beliefs. We just don’t want to read about them any more.
Stick to sports.


Swine, you would not have associated with the low-life human being that was GF.
Kobe could sure make the nets sing that sweet music. Horrible loss to family, team, and country.