@baumbastic OR Swine OR Matt or anyone regarding Apple TV

Thank you again Baumbastic for the assistance yesterday regarding ESPN Plus etc. I apologize for the request again but really trying to get prepared for the season to be able to watch the games at any time on any TV I have around here, even the one in the garage!

It appears my wife has signed us up for Apple TV. When poking around on my phone and IPad with it I found the women’s soccer game with Puke which leads me to wonder, will I be able to get the games on Apple TV just like I could on Disney Plus etc? It appears I can because when using Apple TV and clicking on the sports button it routes you through ESPN app.

Sorry for the long message but just wanting to be sure this works from those of you that use or know about Apple TV. Thanks so much to all for the help!

I’m no help on this one. I don’t have Apple TV and I know nothing about it. Sorry.

When you log in to ESPN+, it asks you to find your TV provider on a long list so you can log in through your membership there. I always go to mine (YouTube TV) but I suspect Apple TV is also on that list and you log in through there.

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I believe Swine is correct (qualifier - I do NOT have Apple TV). But I think in general, IF you get “regular” ESPN channels (ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU) through whatever carrier (cable, satellite, YouTube TV, etc.), then when you are on the ESPN app and you are trying to watch a game there (the first time), the app will ask you to provide your login credentials for whatever service it is you pay in order to have access to those “regular” ESPN channels.

However, if a game is telecast ONLY on ESPN+, then the first time you select a ESPN+ game to watch (while on the ESPN app), you will be asked to supply your ESPN+ information as well. And this will happen for each device you access the ESPN app from.

I believe the above to be true. If someone has specific knowledge that some of it is incorrect, please advise.

Note - it appears that the Rice Football game will be streamed on BOTH ESPN+ and SEC Network +. Which means you will NOT have to have ESPN+ to see it, IF you otherwise can see and stream games from the ESPN app (i.e., you pay for ESPN channels through some provider).

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Thanks everyone! My wife (the computer engineer in the house) went through Apple TV and the when she clicked on button to “watch” sports it then asked for provider in which we found YouTube TV WAY WAY WAY down at the bottom and plugged in our information and then boom - we had access to a ton of stuff. Guessing that means I should have access to all the games etc. now.

Thanks to all of you for the assist! Have a blessed and safe weekend!

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I used to scroll down to find YouTube TV. Now I just use the search function, it’s much quicker.

Since that is your provider, you will be able to watch all of the games.

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I have Apple TV. I have watched every Arkansas game on sec+. All the baseball, women’s basketball and football

Most excellent news Razorwill….thanks for making my Saturday!!!

I have Apple TV. It is a service which has its own content, but is also a device which manages other services such as ESPN, Netflix, Amazon, Paramount, Hulu, Vue, etc.

Having a Apple TV device does not guarantee you get ESPN+ or SECN+. You have to have a subscription.

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