Baum vs Hoover Stadiums

Curious. I have never been to Baum and have only seen soccer at Hoover stadium. Would we have had a few homers on some of the long balls hit yesterday. Not sure how many homers have been hit in the tournament all together

The ball Ezell hit to lead off the eighth would have been a home run at Baum.

Ezell and Fletcher would have had homers yesterday if they were hit at Baum!

Yes Both Ezell and Fletcher would have been easily gone.

The stadium in Hoover is a a nice sized canyon. You could build a 9-hole golf course inside. Just kidding. But it’s really big to the power alleys. If you want a homer, pull it down the line. The new park in Omaha is similar. Mostly, you better hit line drives. If you have outfielders who can motor, you have a chance to make it a low scoring game.