Baum Stadium: Heaven

Remember the Infield Fly Guys, Candy Man, and Larry Shank? They all make an appearance.



That’s awesome, I’m on there a couple of times. Candy man was the best. The good ole days when admin didn’t get upset if you walked on top of the dugout with a broom on Sunday’s!:blush:

Enjoyed, indeed! Thank you. GHG!

The life at a baseball stadium is rich. So many games and so many creative people. I have stories from growing up at Ray Winder Field. Hookslide Bradshaw, Beaula Burton, Reno the Ball Man are among those I still think about from my days as a kid at Ray Winder in the 60s watching players like Danny Napoleon.

Wow. A couple names from way back. Good stuff. I remember Danny Napoleon. My fave was catcher Skip Jutze.

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