Baum among 20 potential sites

No surprise here.

Kyle Peterson is the most recognized voice in college baseball right now. He sent these tweets today.

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He is right. I can understand the NCAA making tentative decisions on this back in February, but we’re now almost completely out of the storm. Anyone who wants a vaccine can get one easily. By June there just shouldn’t be an issue. Those who aren’t vaccinated can take their risks with each other.

I think that’s a bit of a stretch to say we’re almost completely out of the storm. But outside with vaccinated people we should be ok for far more than 50% capacity.

Actually the vacinnated ones can also take their risks with each other …all of the several NY Yankee employees, for example who recently tested covid positive had been vac’ed.

I just hope the NY Yankee experience doesn’t mean our vaccinations are ineffective against some new strain. I trusted the CDC when it was issuing restrictions. I trust it now that it’s easing up. I also trust that if we’re getting back into a surge, we’ll take appropriate steps to stop it. I hope we’re nowhere near that. For the time being, it appears the NYY experience doesn’t bode a return to the pandemic.

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