Battles, Moore, Wallace, and Stovall

Hopefully someone will put together a season highlight reel from this infield.

It would be a long one!

I am going to miss watching this infield at work. The best I’ve ever seen!

They were always good for a web gem or three every single game.

Thank you, Jalen for coming back!

And I include Stovall because he really grew into an exceptional first baseman for someone who hadn’t played the position. He had several great plays of his on down the stretch.


i would love for Moore to come back


He should tell DVH that he’ll come back if he can wear #21 :rofl:


Feel the same.


It was a fun team and a fun year. Perhaps originally defined as the #1 team because of a player who never played, or pitched this season. It could have been a dream season, but it never was; but it was remarkably close. We saw how good Ole Miss could be with two exceptional starters. We had no 350 hitters, No Kopps. No speedster. No 1+ OPS performer. I’m still trying to figure out their secret sauce; whatever enabled them to prove they were a real #3.

To think the Hogs achieved so much while really lacking so much is amazing.

Nice season; more than a squealing,


Never going to see an infield play here or probably anywhere else that had gloves like that… they made the very hard play look very routine due to their very high skill level. I know DVH works the infield very hard and we will be good next year because of that but you can’t replace guys like that,you just have to put somebody in their space because you’re not going to be able to take their place.


Our whole infield and Turner should all make the majors someday. That would be awesome!!


Stovall will be back. I’d guess he will play second base.

It has been special.

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