Batting Practice

I liked what I saw the last two days in BP from Dominic Fletcher. His swing looks flatter and he belted a couple of balls out of the Creighton ballpark yesterday. The batting cage had a net that hung down - it’s an old stadium with old equipment - and on one swing he hit the net with the ball and it still went well out of the park, probably 405-415 feet. It was impressive.

I’ll be interested to see if that translates to today’s game.

I’m glad to hear that Fletcher is getting his swing fine tuned. The one I really worry about is Koch. Don’t get me wrong. I like Koch and I root for him. But…he is the weak link in the Hog’s lineup. I just don’t believe that should be the case. I have gotten some flack from others on this site because I complain about kids always wanting to lift the ball. Koch is one of the worst. He tries too hard to lift the ball and to pull it to left. I guess the popular phrase these days is “launch angle”. I don’t care what you call it. If you are trying too hard to lift the ball it will get you into trouble.

There was an article in the newspaper a few days ago about college baseball and how strikeouts were increasing because of the emphasis on “launch angle”. The article concluded with the snippet of wisdom that if you were a kid 5 foot eight inches and weighed 160 pounds you probably shouldn’t be trying to hit home runs. Amen Brother! I think that also goes for some players who consistently strike out or hit warning track outs. I think it also applies to certain situations when you are at the plate. Take your home run cut on the first strike, maybe even the second. Then you should be trying to help your team by just squaring up the ball and taking the ball where it is pitched. In certain situations like when the bases are loaded and less than two outs, I believe players like Koch should just be trying hit the ball on the nose and drive in a run. Too many times we fail at that.

Having said all of that, I firmly believe Koch could hit for a higher average and help his team more by changing his hitting approach. If he wants to make it to the Bigs, I suggest he do exactly that. Teams are going to need his defense and some solid hits will help his chances. I really think he is capable.

Koch gets wore out every game catching. Anything he does with the bat is a bonus.
He can hit and will in Omaha.
Fletcher has been struggling and he needs his swing back! I’m hoping all of our hogs have a good game today.

fletcher is a big key for us because he hits 5th and comes up with a lot of people on base if he hits like he is capable and biggers and Gates stay hot this team is very tough to pitch to,.

I think Koch is tired from a long season and it impacts him at the plate

I will take his defense, handling of the pitching staff, playing in 56 of 60 games, a .256 average, 7 homers and 34 RBIs - and be happy.

He saves way more than 34 runs a year with his defense and handling the staff.

We’re going to miss him when he’s gone. And that’s not to say anything bad about the catchers in waiting.