Baton Rouge columnist projects LSU coaching search

Spoiler alert: Bielema isn’t on the list. Nor would I expect him to be. We run basically the same offense they do, just with a better QB. Their money folks want somebody flashy, up-tempo, score a ton of points.

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always funny to read "who’s next"seems that every school(including us when we were looking)tend to throw out the hot names that their supporters will know would just give everything up to be the head coach at THEIR has to wonder if they’re firing a coach who won at a 77% clip…who’s they gonna call?..and does Houston Dale casually mention that he’s available? :slight_smile:

Dollars to donuts that they go after Petrino.

Dude has no credibility if he doesn’t mention Gruden.

Go after Petrino someone say? :lol: I think coach BP is owned by Jurich, what, LSU alum gonna pay another 10 mil after buying out Miles for 13? Not gonna happen :!:

But that CBP, he is the devil! :smiley:

Update: From CBS Sports…mere speculation of course :smiley:

In short, Houston’s Tom Herman and Florida State’s Jimbo Fisher aren’t just “The Standouts” – they’re the runaway favorites. Here’s how the entire odds list breaks down:
Tom Herman +100
Jimbo Fisher +250
Kliff Kingsbury +1400
Gary Patterson +1500
Bobby Petrino +1700
Lane Kiffin +2000
Mike Gundy +2000
Ed Orgeron +2300
Larry Fedora +2500
Kyle Whittingham +3000
Bryan Harsin +3500
Sonny Dykes +4000
Todd Graham +4000
Art Briles +5000
Chris Klieman +6000
Field - Any Other +350

CBB has a SEC no-compete clause in his contract.

Lord, don’t get Gary Patterson. He only runs the spread because you have to in the Big 12. I do not want to see what he could do at LSU. Choose Kingsbury.

I think Art Briles might be a little higher up the list. Should be right there with BP.
Briles admitted his mistakes and took it what was coming,
Petrino lied about his mistakes and got what he had coming.

IIRC, Patterson really feels at home at TCU & doesn’t want to leave. There was a lot of talk about that when we were looking. Doesn’t mean he wouldn’t leave or that he might consider LSU over a whole lot of other jobs, but we often overlook the possibility that a coach is really happy where he is & doesn’t want to leave.

Briles sort of admitted his mistakes. Which, to be sure, is more than Harley Boy did. BP was just sorry he got caught.

I saw an interview with Briles recently. He could not bring himself to admit that he had done anything wrong.

He was trying to rehabilitate his image, but he darned sure didn’t convince me.


My guess is Tom Herman to remain at UH until the USC job opens up for him.


No mention of Mark Richt down in Miami.
He may not be flashy enough for them either, but a darn good coach and recruiter.

This is the correct answer

Miami is his alma mater.

What about Bob Stoops? He is wearing out his welcome in Mobilehoma.

Well, I’d say it’s opening up pretty dang fast :!: :sunglasses:

Patterson would be the “scariest” coach for LSU to hire. I’m afraid he would get LSU quickly back to the clear #1A team in the SEC, slightly behind Bama (until Saban leaves). I would hate to see Gary coaching the level of talent that Miles was getting at LSU. Patterson seems to always have a good QB.

That is a scary thought! Patterson would fit the profile (if Joe Alleva realizes what profile he’s looking for) which is a coach that can change the one dimensional offense at LSU while maintaining the physical defense. Patterson definitely fits the profile and could have great success at LSU. It would be a Battle for the Boot again that’s for certain!

Miss St was Scott Stricklins Alma mater to. The AD.
He bolted for greener pastures.