Bassey States the Facts

“I knew the point guard wasn’t going to pass the ball and he was going to the rim, because he can’t shoot,
so I was there for help, and I got the block.”

Good one. :smiley:

Jalen Harris 58 assists and 9 turnovers this season.

Doesn’t pass the ball, huh?

Not what he said, said he can’t shoot. Gimme a break, I just thought it was funny. :sunglasses:

Since you want stats, 24-65 and 2-18.

I could not believe what he said. He must think he will never have to play against Jalen again.

I hope this is bulletin board material for Jalen.

Your headline suggests you thought he was stating facts and not being funny.

It says “I knew the point guard wasn’t going to pass the ball” as well as “because he can’t shoot.”

Harris was 6-of-15 yesterday

For the season

24-65 FG (36.8 percent)

2-18 on 3s (11.1 percent)

23-29 FT (79.3 percent)

i’m really surprised Harris hasn’t shot the 3 well he has a great stroke from the line,hopefully he will get better.

You are spot on. I think he is not confident. He is hesitating and not shooting in rhythm when he is missing them. He will get comfortable eventually. As you say his mechanics are sound.