Bassey a 5 star....

Signing with WKU over aTm and Kansas?

That is hard to understand?

No, it’$ not.

His guardian was hired as an assistant for $200,000 at WK.

Typical Stansbury…LOL

As much as I despise Stansbury, he’s not the problem in this. The NCAA should have a rule prohibiting blatant situations like that. Especially if that “guardian” doesn’t have any qualifications for the job. Basketball teams have many instances of similar hirings and the NCAA does nothing to stop it.

Thi$ i$ not $urpri$ing at all, $tan$bury i$ a great recruiter, almo$t a$ $pecial a$ Auburn


I assume he’s one and done.

I’d suspect the guardian won’t be employed at WKU next year.

Sleazy stuff. But nothing new for Rick $tan$bury.

Did Rick not start recruiting him since he was a HS freshman while Rick was at TAMU?

There. Fixed it for you. Lol.