Bassett Comment

Woody Bassett’s commentary about the rebirth on Razorback Basketball matches my hopes and expectations. The excitement of game time at Barnhill and Bud Walton was unmatched. I would think nothing about a 9-10 hour road trip to be at a Hog basketball game. When you entered the arena, you could feel the excitement and electricity of the crowd. This feeling intensified until tip-off. And grew and grew during the game. Even when matched against highly rated opponents, you always felt that you would somehow win at home and winning tough road games happened frequently

The teams of first Sutton and then Richardson were fun to watch. The show ( 40 Minutes of Hell ) was a constant blur of steals, fast breaks, and dunks. The skill, depth and toughness of the National Championship team is still unmatched in Razorback Basketball history.

The Sutton style , while more deliberate, was easy to love also. The sheer brilliance of the Triplets was incredible to watch. Old timers can still remember the hell opponents had trying to get to ball to half court against Walker and Robertson. No one can forget Sutton calling timeout, drawing up a play for Sidney, and then watch Sidney will the ball through the net for the win.

I really feel that Musselman can restore the excellence of Razorback Basketball. I expect his teams to play sound, fundamental basketball. I think that they will have an efficient, high scoring offense that will improve as the season progresses. Their defense and rebounding should be solid. I also expect that recruiting will be much better. Put all this together and you will have a ranked, NCAA tournament team. Then basketball will be fun again. WPS

Very good article.

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Excellent summary by the OP…

Good post and I concur.
But make no bones about it there will be some rough spots along the way and while Bud may start booming again this board will still be here with its doom n gloom crowd.