After the disaster in football I was so looking forward to the excitement this basketball season and team would be. So disappointed that they have really regressed, no cohension or confidence. No longer competitive just like football.

They were picked 10th in a 14-team league.

I thought they might get enough wins to make the tournament, but saw the pick as accurate

Yes we are exactly what they thought we were and to be honest I had no expectations whatsoever for this team just too many young guys.and once I saw them play didn’t see the talent to go with it

When they were 6-1, you saw this?

I didn’t see it until this about to be 4-5 run.

I didn’t see it at 6-1 either and was looking forward to the team and the young guys getting better and developing. We certainly lack the numbers to compete at present.

Lets not forget that Tennessee is awfully good. There are some games we were in it till the end. Win those games and people forget. I didn’t expect to be barn burners this year with very young team. If Gafford had left early, this team would have piled up a few more losses. I see kids learning a new system, nothing more, nothing less. JMO

Last years experienced seniors played half hearted and Had some ugly results on the floor! The youth of this team hurts but they are getting thumped by a better team.
The turnovers and missed free throws have to stop.
Not one senior on this team.

They are developing a getting better. It just hasn’t translated into wins and may not this season, but they are developing and getting better… except Bailey. He has regressed.

Agreed. The fight in this team will pay off, either this season or in the future.

Yes. General they will learn to finish on those possessions and take better care of the ball. Tenn shot 39 free throws to our 22. That’s crazy of course we will see this repeat at Ole Miss, Miss St and Kentucky.

My question is will we ever be a top 20 program again. This year’s team, last year’s, Mike’s teams, Pel’s teams, doesn’t matter what has been consistent is that we are NOT a top 20 program. I believe that at Arkansas the NCAA should be a given, we should start and end most every year in the top 25. Is it possible to be that program? Is Mike capable of achieving that result? One specific year’s team is not what concerns me. What concerns me is the fear that Mike can’t make us that program.

Whoever is coaching this team next year will have some decent young players to work with. Mike is a goner.

Let’s not throw dirt on him yet. There was little to no chance that we were going into Knoxville and beat a veteran,skilled, top 3 ranked team. Granted there were more problems that bright spots tonight.

The good things were that Joe shot well, Chaney had a good all around game, and Jones continues to score, and Henderson scored.

Sloppy bad handling, poor shot selection, and weak rebounding contributed to a lopsided loss. Gafford was controlled by the Vols senior inside players. Of course, we did not feed him like the LSU game. Harris had 4 turnovers and only 5 assists. The 4, while better, is still is a weakness.

The bottom line is we lost to a much better team that had a big loud crowd solidly behind it.

The Old Miss game should be closer but they have been the surprise team so far in league play.

What’s next? WPS

I totally agree. When they beat Colorado State on the road and looked so good, I thought this team was an NCAA team, and I didn’t see it falling apart so soundly.

People who picked our program at the bottom unfortunately may be right.

Why does Gafford only get 4 shots tonight?

Speaking of “last years experience seniors” did anyone else spot Barford sitting at the end/behind Arkansas bench tonight. Don’t know if he could of helped tonight.

We had 22 times at the line How many did we make???

We had 22 times at the line How many did we make???

We hit 7/11 in the second half. I can’t remember how many we made out of the 11 in the first half but it was brick city.

Dunno how we will finish. I know some of Anderson’s teams peak late and I hope this happens for the program and the kids. With that said, I had high expectations when Anderson was hired. I thought like many that we would be a top 25 program again. Sadly that hasn’t been the case and I don’t see it in our future. I respect Anderson. He’s a great person and mentor to his players, Hopefully we will peak and he can recruit more players that fit his system. Without major improvement next year, I don’t see how he can remain the coach.