Basketball Vs Texas stream here ya go!

not great qualty but at least we can watch

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Good find, Billy!

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yes Iam pumped,been pretty sloppy with TO’s so far and giving up dribble penetration and Offensive Boards

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Youth is showing so far


getting beat on the offensive boards 2-3 putbacks already…Mitchell looking good for us

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really cheap fouls on us too.

playing out of control to much… but still only down 4.smith and Mitchell about the only offensive weapons so far.

AB only played 9 min with 2 fouls

Down by 10 at the half… they are way stronger around the glass and we are so far.
We have not had much answer stopping them around the goal.

Just have to wonder where the offense is going to come from this group.

Wow not expecting this play. Really sloppy, defense is absent. Physically not matching the Horns. Brick to much.

We have been without black for a long time he runs the offense but defensively we are not very good right now
They penetrate right by us a lot and we are not strong inside the paint to keep them off the glass.

Offensively this team has got to get some scorers.Defense is going to have to be the backbone of this team if we’re going to do anything and right now they do not look very good. But that’s to be expected they’re all learning their roles and they’re playing against a team that’s very experienced.

Graham has played 3 minutes Kimani has played 3 minutes…

Nick has 10,makai Mitchell has 8;council has 5
Really struggling on both ends of the floor to be honest not getting very good shots and they are getting multiple shots several times and easy dump-ins with no contested defense basically

Brazil but 11 minutes had 3 points and three turnovers haven’t seen him on the floor in a while.

ARK 30 TEX 40 0:00 1st Half (


Offense is stunner for me, bricking layups, TO’s. Our pace of play is senior citizenly. We get close then brick a layup , over and back, go out of control, bounce it off our foot. Right now we are putting way more consecutive bad possessions than consecutive good possessions together. Definitely not playing up to potential.

They had 11 more attempts on goal than us. Not good.

Yeah we look like a team who has a lot of freshmen and incoming people playing against a team who’s very experienced on both ends of the floor know exactly what they’re doing
I was kind of expecting us to look this way so I’m not totally shocked

81% on free throws though which is a much better number

The problem for us is who you going to go to on offense to score they are all over Nick for obvious reasons…

Who else can score???

down 44-30,stream not back up yet

Down 17

We are getting schooled pretty good

Getting easied.

stream is not up but down 17 52-35

I’m watching it. It’s up. Unfortunately

ok I just brought that over from another board I don’t have twitter